Libre comme l\'Eire

Libre comme l\'Eire


There were two little girls,


Jane and Jo were their names,


They were two little girls


Who played light simple games.



They played in a garden


On a hot summer's day


It was warm and they found not a tree on their way


Not a roof, not a soul to give shade to their play.


Jo said "There should be trees in a garden in June


That would catch the sunlight and then shadow the moon."


"There should be trees," Jane said, "to be bare in winters


And to wear in the spring a long dress full of birds."




They discussed the matter in the most serious way


And decided to plant a tree on the next day.



They lived in a country of more rain than sunlight


But they checked every day if the tree grew all right.


They were disappointed to find after two weeks


Only a few flowers and a couple of weeds.



The little girls, of course, quickly grew up and bloomed




And the young willow tree was forgotten quite soon.


They remained together and invented new games


That included dancing, fancy clothes and new friends.



They grew old together and had tea now and then


While all their grandchildren played games in the garden.


And when they grew so old their eyes were all weary


Their last gaze flew away towards an old willow tree


That stood in the garden where innocence made pearls


And now gave a shadow to little boys and girls.



There were two old ladies


Jane and Jo were their names.


They were two old ladies


Under two marble graves


Who did not mind the sun, as hot as it may be


For they lied in the shade of an old willow tree.

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